Search Engine Marketing Professional – Ranking Update

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In my previous post I have written about ranking at No-5 position in universal search for keyphrase “Search Engine Marketing Professional“, but forgot to mention that Google shows SERP results by fetching information from it’s different Data Centre’s.

Like for people in USA if they search in it will show results different altogether from what we look in at (UK). Also Google Data-Centre pulls SERP’s position results somewhat different for Country specific domains (,,, etc).

Even yesterday I saw update over google rankings showing shift in keyword positions at regular interval and which I guess is still going on.

Usually 70-431 and 350-030 is rendered mandatory by 220-602 specialists as far as 70-640 and 640-822 are concerned.

So here’s update over ranking for “Search Engine Marketing Professionals” for some it will show at 5th position and if you won’t dont be surprised or think I present the wrong info, you will find my website for this term at 12th, 14th or 15th position and to some data centre results it is serving at 33rd position.

Screen shot which I taken is for (universal search) and rankings to universal data centre will be same irrespective from which part of world you are visiting.

Author: Afzal Khan

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