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Sometimes even after knowing facts that I am Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert, people asks very awkward questions. Yesterday happen the same situation with me, when one of new prospect customer who was looking for SEO services asked me question about my SEO knowledge and skills. He wants me to show results on what all are the positions I have achieved and delivered to my client’s website.

Well I was not surprised but it made me to think, that Client who contacted me through Google Search Engine for  query “SEO/SEM Consultant” where my website is ranking at # 1 position in Google.  Even after ranking at number 1 positions in Google I was not expecting to get encounter with such question.

I was happy atleast Customer knows about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and he negotiated with me in terms of metrics which is  search engine rankings for optimized keywords.  Also after discussion with him I looked back to my website keywords positions to update myself.

It is known in SEO industry expertise and skills of SEO professional is measured if he is able to achieve top-10 positions without over-promising. Importantly to follow only white hat SEO practices and apply techniques according to Search Engine Guidelines.

To prove and show my SEO capabilities I was targeting to rank for one of the most competitive and very tough keyword “Search Engine Marketing Professional” .  I have optimized my website especially to target this keyword and was working to bring my website positioned in top-10 SERP’s results.

Today, I am excited to share that I am ranking in Position # 5 for “Search Engine Marketing Professional” below is screenshot taken on 28th August, 2008 strongly showing my SEO skilss. Position for "Search Engine Marketing Professionals" - Position – “Search Engine Marketing Professional” –

For more than 100 industry related keywords my personal website and blogs are ranking in top 10 positions and for many in Top-30 positions and not to deal again with such question I have published the rankings for some of my keywords at


Afzal Khan

Author: Afzal Khan

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