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Very often people contact me asking about why SEO is important especially to Small/Medium size Online Businesses Companies.

My answer to all of them is YES! Search Engine Optimization for your website is very much required, No matter whether you are Small or Medium sizes Businesses Company or an Independent Professional. If you are not leveraging search presence for your website than probably you are way behind of your competitors.

If you apply SEO efforts its guaranteed that every search performed by your prospects will bring them to your website in return lots of revenue for your Business. On applying ethical/organic SEO practices you can reach to Global Customers with less investment. But be aware Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one night miracle where you can see instant results, its a long term investment and if done properly getting business with help of SEO is un-imaginable.

However if you have budgets you can opt for PPC (pay per click campaign) for instant leads (traffic).

Even readers to my Search Engine Optimization Blog [TopRankSEO® Blog] ask me they want to do SEO for there website himself.

My answer to all those readers who asked me about doing SEO by own Do you have enough time or patience to go thru each and every minute details of SEO process. Will you be able to afford investing your time in learning SEO. Ask Yourself – I know many of you will be saying NO.

It’s better you concentrate on your Business and let SEO/SEM Professional to work for you. It is wise to hire services from Certified SEO Expert to work for you. They can help you better in creating your website Online Search Engine Visibility! For your Business Website.

Finding tough to decide whether to Hire or Outsource your SEO Work, Anwers’s to all of your queries are here:- pros and cons of optimizing website yourself or hiring an outside SEO expert/firm

Probably you must be interested to know why I am suggesting to hire an SEO/SEM Expert Consultant:-

Look at my daily schedule and the number of years I had spent learning about Search Engine Optimization(SEO). On an average I devote almost 8-10 hours daily on learning new SEO skills, avenues & challenges, interacting with SEO Expert, SEO/SEM Experts from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, India and Europe region – SEO Expert, SEM Experts, Professional Bloggers and many other online forums where online marketer discuss & share their experience about Search Marketing Industry.

Although being in search engine optimization field for close to 8 years I am still exploring new challenges and trying to grasp all those regularly due to the dynamic nature of Search Engine. Search Engines like, are known to update their search engine ranking algorithm frequently and that is the reason why Search Industry changes so quickly and there arent stringent standards. You can say its the essence of SEO industry where you always need to grow stronger by acquiring knowledge, updating yourself by participation and experiment all those learning in practical.

I have devoted many years in learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on by my own initially and took training from Industry Leader’s Bruce Clay and many others, where my major study revolves around understanding Google Algorithm & Yahoo Algorithms Search Ranking Factors. It is known to every one that Google Algorithm is a mystery to outer world and no one except Google can claim what are the key factors for which they look for while awarding rankings for any website based on keywords search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts work around all those algorithm factors which we had learned and tried out to see the results by involving ourselves with patience in detail to understand the search engine algorithms.

I know how tough it is to be called as an SEO/SEM Consultant, because you need to keep yourself updated; continuously enhance search engine optimization skills through learning about every new technology in Search Industry.

I can say with proud that I am one of the Finest & Experienced Search Engine Optimization SEO Expert from India (I hate to say myself as an SEO Expert, coz I am still learning and exploring new techniques in SEO,  I am always committed towards updating my SEO learnings, SEO knowledge inline and brushed up with latest advanced and ever changing beheaviour of Search Engine’s Algorithm. I always try and test all of my SEO learning and skills before coming to any conclusions.) Just to show my SEO skills at par and better with many so called self proclaimed SEO Experts, I can say myself as Expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :-)

I am well known to many other SEO/SEM professionals who all know me personally, my Clients whom I delivered the best results following only Ethical & Organic SEO practices. You can find people recommending my name on many Search Engine Forums, Search Engine Marketing Seminars, SEO Events & Conferences, Marketer Blogs.

I have worked with well renowned Interactive Marketing (SEO/SEM), Top Notched IT Software & Internet provider companies and associated with leading Internet Marketing Companies in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and India.

If you want to discover or have any Question about how you can maximize website success across Search Engines, Contact SEO Expert Afzal Khan. I will be happy to help you and answer your questions. You can also communicate at Afzal Khan @Twitter.

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