AfzalKhan.Org is official sponsor of TEDxRGPV 2019 Event at RGPV, Bhopal on 27th August, 2019

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What is a TEDx Event?

While TED TranscEnding Dimensions Talks is an extremely coveted platform for sharing inspirational stories and enlightening the world, TEDx talks is a more accessible way for people to absorb inspirational stories on a more grass-root level. We have experienced a sudden influx in communication mediums, especially in a digital modern India.

The driving factor behind this progress is the constant tryst we face with innovation. Most people are abreast with the developments in fields of their interest but are lesser acquainted with what is happening around the world otherwise.

The primary purpose of TEDx talks is to help these ideas reach you and give you a certain sense of inspiration. With eminent speakers associated with the covered topic, these talks can help you chart out a better path of progress for yourself and shed some light on how an idea can be realized.

About TEDx RGPV 2019

TEDx TranscEnding Dimensions RGPV 2019 is an event that is going to be held at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) is a State Technical University situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Digital Marketing is the official prime sponsor of this event going to be organized by a dedicated team at Rajiv Gandhi Praudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya students. The idea is to connect people with similar ideas and goals so that a better understanding of innovations in their field can be achieved.

In a populous world, it gets incredibly challenging to find a guiding light or people with a similar mindset. At TEDx RGPV, we are bringing ahead the most primary source of ‘effective communication. We connect you to technologists, artists, scientists- but first and foremost, to thinkers. We bring to you stories which would help you see the difference a simple idea can make.

List of Speakers and thought Leaders of TEDxRGPV 2019

7 prominent speakers – Samar Mehdi, Varsha Varman, Karan Kukreja, Wajid Khan, Rishabh Rana, Sushovan Banerjee and Ankit Jain will share ideas on the theme “Transcending Dimensions”. It is a playground for the ingenious minds, where leading masterminds and dynamos in the community and around the globe will connect.

TEDx RGPV 2019 Speakers

At TEDx RGPV 2019, engineering students are the backbone of curating an event so inspirational. They are constantly working towards building a better world and ‘engineering different transformations to their future world. At TEDxRGPV be a part of something colossal. TEDx TranscEnding Dimensions RGPV brings in-sync some of the most inspiring though Leaders, Speaker’s on the planet. You will be part of International community that reaches millions of people in hundreds of cities. Expect to witness stepping stones towards empowerment and motivation to do something better.

AfzalKhan.Org is pleased to share, that we are the official sponsors of TEDxRGPV 2019 Event at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidhyalaya (R.G.P.V), Bhopal on 27th August  2019.

Be a part of the beginning so that tomorrow you can contribute towards life changing innovations. Come join actively and widen your horizons. Mark your calendars as time is running out. Reserve your seats online at – Innovation is about to begin.

TEDx RGPV Event 2019

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