Sponsoring First of TEDxMITSG “Maneuvering  Ingenuity”, TEDx Event at MITS, Gwalior on 28th October, 2017

TEDx MITS, Gwalior Event Sponsor Afzal Khan

What is a TEDx Event?

We live in a world where ideas float even in thin air and with the fast emerging wireless and infrared technologies- they literally do. India is not exempted from this surge as we are coming up with indigenous versions of products, services and machines which are way more cost-effective.

The future is driven by innovation and sustainability which in turn is fueled by ideas and that is why events like TED are important because you get exposure to different fields and myriad of ideas. TED Talks are powerful and capable of influencing masses. We know that necessity is the mother of all inventions, but ideas are the father and TED talks create an environment of looking into our minds producing ideas that can benefit us, our life style and the lives of those around us.


TEDx MITSG is an event exclusively organized for the Gwalior city by Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior under TEDx Club to gather the crowd having the same idea together in a place to boost up learning. The environment built would be innovative and passionate and it would work to leverage the power of brilliant ideas and let them spread as widely as possible because ideas reshape minds and change the way one acts.
TEDX MITS, Gwalior on 28th October, 2017

TEDX MITS, Gwalior are bringing forth the most basic form of ‘effective’ communication, through a medium deep conversation and connection with Scientists, Artists, Technologists and Thinkers. We are bringing forth stories worth listening to, stories that mobilize people, stories that provide food for thought, and stories that have altered the very fabric of the society as a whole.

Here, at TEDx MITSG, as engineering students who yearn to design and build a better and improved world, our theme “Maneuvering Ingenuity” is the best way to create a culture that fosters innovation and encourages us to take small steps which empowers our future world.

AfzalKhan.Org is pleased to share, we are one of the proud sponsor of TEDxMITSG Talk Event “Maneuvering Ingenuity” at M.I.T.S, Gwalior on 28th October, 2017.

Come JOIN, Get ready to witness the most enthralling articulation to be shuttled in MITS Gwalior. Don’t just sit on the fence instead hurry up and Reserve your seats online at www.tedxmitsg.com The Good Thing is about to begin!

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