Search Engine Optimization Expert Afzal Khan’s Interview taken by Manoj Salwani

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Pleasure to share interview of Afzal Khan who is considered as Indian SEO Industry veteran and the most experienced professional for all SEO related things. This interview is taken by Manoj Salwani an Expert SEO Consultant who is working with Icreon Communications.

Afzal Khan is pleased with sincere efforts by Manoj who has started a series of interviewing “Search Engine Optimization Experts” from India. Afzal is the first one to get interviewed by him answering some burning SEO related questions. Manoj has tried to present the real Afzal Khan to this world.

You can read full interview by clicking at Interview of Search Engine Experts from India


Author: Afzal Khan

Afzal Khan is an Internationally known Digital Marketing Consultant & Certified SEO Expert from Bhopal, India offering Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, SEM [Paid Marketing: Google Adwords, Facebook Business], Social Media, Website Design & Web Development & 365 Degree Digital Marketing services to Small, Medium & Large size business.

AfzalKhan.Org also provides on-going regular SEO training, Social Media & Digital Marketing Training to Corporate Employees, College Students & Individual Professionals who want to build their career in Digital Marketing Industry. Get in touch with Afzal Khan today!

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  • It is nice to hear that you have been interviewed by Manoj Salwani. You have done a nice job to keep your position on top of the search engine for such a long time. I have now done a lot of optimization and I am back to the third page much stronger than the previous one. I am planning to get to the second page gradually . I hope to see you back on the top page as we move ahead in this sulumits retsambew contest.

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