How Every Great Business Gets Its Start

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Guest Article by Chris Gaddis

Let me tell you a story

I was 21 years old, a senior in college, and had just purchased my first rental property. I came out of college wanting to take on the world. In the next 2 years I purchase an additional 3 properties, got my securities licenses, became a financial advisor, got my MBA, started 3 businesses, and joined a number of organizations and boards; among other things.  I was off to a good start, but there was one problem: I had no definite plan.

A couple years into this I was overwhelmed and lacked direction. I had experience and education, but where was I going? It was at this time I decided to hire a coach. I hired a coach from a very popular coaching firm. I paid about $4,500 up front. This equated to 10 one-on-one phone calls and a couple conference calls and their materials. They entice you with all of these successful coaches they employ, but you can’t get assigned to one of them. I got stuck with some guy who basically just spoke from a script.

Within 3 weeks this person was fired and I was transferred to a new coach. Three weeks wasted. I remember I was very tentative about spending this money upfront, but I was given so many assurances and guarantees they made me feel comfortable. It was the hard sell for sure. So we complete the ten week course and nothing came out of it. It was an utter disappointment. It was all canned jargon that meant nothing to me. Still one problem, I was right where I started.

That summer my family and my wife’s family went on vacation to Keuka Lake. Something we had done every year since graduation. I will spare you the long story of this trip that brought me to a moment in my life I truly believe was meant to be, but our dog Athena was hit by a car and died. Just like that she was gone.

As I searched for the meaning in this I discovered this simple thing; do what you love because life is too short. But what did I love to do? I wanted to spend more time with my family and start my own business, but what kind of business?  I envy people who have a clear passion in life; what was mine?

Just thinking my first experience with a coach was bad, I started to look around at a number of different coaches. I noticed the same things. No one would share their curriculum with me, I had to sign up first, and they all employed the hard sell. They all said they knew what I needed, but I never even told them what I wanted. It was also ridiculously expensive and in most cases the money was again required up front.
So it was at this time I decided to do it myself and then teach people who to do it. That is why I started Gaddis Coaching. I want to be the coach/mentor my clients need. It is also my personal promise I will never let money be the reason we do not do business together.

So what is the morale of the story? Do what you love to do, find a need, create a plan for accomplishing your goals, and then let nothing stand in your way.

If you are having trouble getting started, focusing your efforts, or growing your business let me help. I offer a number of different plans and packages for my clients. All packages are monthly and can be canceled at any time. You are also entitles to a free one hour no obligation consultative coaching session. Also use the code “Afzee and receive 10% off your monthly package charge for the length of your tenure as one of our clients. To learn more visit us at

Author: Khan Afzal

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