Bhopal Jheel Mahotsav 2014 Photography Competition Result Announced on 14th Feb, 2014

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“Bhopal Jheel Mahotsav 2014 Photography Competition”

On 14th February, 2014 the photo competition result were announced and the winning photographs were made available to public at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Along with the winner’s photographs MP Madhyam &  Jheel Mahotsav Samiti, Bhopal showcased an exhibition of  few selected photographs too from thousands of entries they received. I had also submitted my photographs and once of them was selected and displayed at the Bharat Bhavan Exhibition hall.

झील महोत्सव 2014
By Afzalkhanphotography
My Entries “झील महोत्सव 2014” Photography Competition – SUBJECT of photography competition was Bhopal’s Lake, its beauty and life around it.

Jheel Mahotsav Bhopal

Below are pic’s of Photography Exhibition at Bharat Bhavan on 14th, Feb

Afzal Khan's Photography


Bhopal Jheel (Lake) Festival at Bharat Bhavan

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