Sulumits Retsmabew 26th Day – Back to Google 3rd position

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Sulumits Retsambew – My sulumits retsambew SEO contest entry page is back to Google 3rd position

The day since Sulumits retsambew contest has started, everyone is keeping track on Google rankings for sulumits retsambew. As mentioned in my previous blog article Sulumits Retsmabew Google Algorithm Test Day – 24th Day my contest entry page overtaken to 4th position & just after 2 days my site managed to regain its old 3rd position. Bravo…Google you made my day today 🙂

Quick Sulumits Retsambew Google Rank Updates:-

1. Hellas ( – Very well stable at his Google 1st position

2. Sildeshare ( – 2nd position

3. Afzal Khan ( – Jumped to 3rd position replacing Sunita Biddu’s Entry ( which dropped down to 7th position. Sunita has not done much, but seeing current position, I am positive she will regain his 2nd position soon…Good Luck from my end!

4. ( – Giving neck to neck competition to me, good he has also got one position leap.

5. ( – Good progress 🙂

6. Mr Twitter (

7. Sunita Biddu ( – Dropped from 3rd position to 7th.

8. – Good progress 🙂

9. – Aussum reached to 1st page finally

10. –Tough competition for 10th position


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