Sulumits Retsambew – Google Algorithm Test day 24th day

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Sulumits Retsambew – Google Algorithm Test

March 27th, 2009 was the last date when I published my sulumits retsambew blog article and that was the 12th day of Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest.

Now after 12 days I somehow managed to get back to sulumits retsambew adjusting my other priority business engagement. It’s being nice watching Google SERP’s all these days. Lot’s of up’s and downs in rankings, few sites reached Google top-10 positions, few went down to 2nd & 3rd page, some sites vanished out, few got banned violating T & C (word press guy) which was no Surprise to me, WordPress usually block their free hosting blogs participating for any contest. (It will be good learning for all of us to never opt WP at least their free service, they want us to avail their paid services:-))

My blog article’s received many comments during my 12 day passive off from Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest. Especially comment from Hellas (You are on seventh position now. You should give us some updates) and from Paul R (I just got de-listed for my main page. I was at 26th (down from 15th) and then I’m gone.). It was really bad to hear that Paul site got de-listed from Google, m sure he will be back in SERP soon (All the best wishes to Paul).

As I said about my passive off (my off was from doing any task for Sulumits Retsamabew SEO contest page, but I was very much active on checking Google rankings). Even in the night when I get up I used to check rankings for “sulumits retsambew” from my NOKIA E 71, it’s like addiction where I was almost checking Google every now and than (Very Funny- my mom laugh’s on me for such madness 🙂

Well back to Sulumits Retsambew track:-

I was positioned at 6th position till 5th April,  Today I experienced many sweet changes to Google SERP’s.

Hellas ( is almost stable to his Google 1st position, Sunita ( is down to 3rd position and her entry got replaced by Slideshare entry (

My main Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest entry page is back to 4th position in (Again Thankooooooooo Google) it surpass who has heading my entry but now he is at 5th position. is enjoying 6th position followed by Mr. Twitter at 7th position. Between I liked his twitter profile Location which says “Google serps” & Bio “Perfection is the direction” –  I agree “Perfection is all what we are trying to achieve!” and want to be paragon with SEO.

Next entry in leaderboard is of Bill Hartzer at 8th position ( – I need to return back him backlink favor, so here I go……..Sulumits Retsambew SEO Contest Entry by Bill Hartzer.

Out of all the participant’s list Google is playing with 9th & 10th position most of the time. To me at 9th position ( is showing and at 10th position entry. But if you notice the Google 1st page daily you will observe random fluctuations at 9th, 10th & 11th position.

That’s all the updates from my end which I want to share it with you Folks! It’s time now to get serious 🙂

Looking at Slideshare #2 position I made some tweaks to my old sulumits retsambew slideshare entry.

As you had noticed the Title of this article which is Sulumits Retsambew – Google Algorithm Test day – I had created a new profile at Slideshare sulumitsretsambew2009 with a new slide show for testing Google algorithm and slideshare domain weightage aka “Sulumits Retsambew Test“, For next few days I’ll be testing this over Google.

I am going to upload Sulumits Retsambew test slide to one of my all time favorite, whenever I feel like quick SERP indexing, I upload the doc at, well  the sulumits retsambew Google test document is here. I simply love it

I have decided to publish Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest update on bi-weekly basis, so expect my next Webmaster Stimulus blog post after 15 days 🙂


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