Sulumits Retsambew – Day 7

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Sulumits Retsambew SEO Contest Update – Day 7

Last week I published my Sulumits Retsambew Day 2 SEO strategies and from last 5 days I had not published any update nor worked on Sulumits Retsambew. But I was desperately keeping track of Google Positions, almost 24-25 times a day for keyword Sulumits Retsambew. I can say Sulumits Retsambew is turning out into real test for SEO professional’s, also somewhere I feel Google is playing with we guys 🙂

Well on 19th & 20th March my website was at 3rd position for Sulumits Retsambew but again like me everyone noticed major shuffle in positions at the end of day. My website went down to 5th position and as of today it is at 7th position for Sulumits Retsambew.

The interesting changes are has jumped to 2nd position,  some pages ranking from and which is a great surprise for me.  I am wondering how ( managed to popped up at 2nd position while on analyzing major SEO factors I didn’t find any which can justify ranking for this site. I guess Google Engineer’s are also keeping eye on Sulumits Retsambew contest and want to surprise us with a shock to we  all who are trying to find out Google Algorithm ranking factors.  Apart from Sulumits Retsambew contest I never experience such quick up & downs in Google positions.

Looking at current random changes in position for Sulumits Retsambew I need to think about my SEO strategies.

Sulumits Retsambew SEO Contest strategies Day 7:-

Strategy 1: In order to get some authority backlinks I created Google KNOL pages of my Sulumits Retsambew Day 1 & Day 2 blog articles, Hubpages for Sulumits Retsambew, Squidoo Lenses for Sulumits Retsambew, Sulumits Retsambew and published a blog post on Sulumits Retsambew over TopRankSEO Blog.

I am pretty much satisfied with the way my websites and blog are performing for Sulumits Retsambew at Google. My main Sulumits Retsambew website contest page is ranking at 7th position, page is on 19th position, Sulumits Retsambew over TopRankSEO Blog at 56th position & Sulumits Retsambew Day 2 page at 37th position.

Strategy 2: I had added a Footer Link on my website ( to SEO Contest Entry page  Sulumits Retsambew.

Strategy 3: My main focus will be now on to retain my 7th position for Sulumits Retsambew or if possible will try to regain my 3rd position ASAP. Next I’ll follow wait and watch policy coz the contest is open for next 5 months and I’ll work accordingly on analyzing the Google SERP changes. Let’s hope for the best!

That’s all for Sulumits Retsambew – Day 7, you can check out my 1st day & 2nd SEO contest post by clicking on Sulumits Retsambew & Sulumits Retsambew – Day 2


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