Sulumits Retsambew 12th Day

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Every hour Google is playing with Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest SERP results, the first surprise Google gave me yesterday…Google dropped my main Sulumits Retsambew page to 23rd position & then to 67th position, that time I was making guesses about did I had committed anything wrong and many other wild SEO geek guess!

Then I thought to refresh my SEO strategies & I was planning to write a whole new copy text, in effort to bring back my Sulumits Retsambew SEO contest page….but wait again on checking rankings later end of day, I found my Sulumits Retsambew – Day 2 blog article ranking at 12th position in Google and my main contest page was no where till 100 positions. I was thinking of why Google is playing with my site rankings & making such a random changes for Sulumits Retsambew keyword….:-)

I was mum, silently observing the Google SERP’s, I knew Google has lot more surprises for me…as always my strategy was to wait n watch, observe the Google results and I was right!….Google again came up with it’s Brazilian Samba Dance today…I mean shuffle in rankings for Sulumits Retsambew keyword phrase, but this time Google gave me opportunity to dance in a Rock n Roll fashion!….Any Guesses???…Google brought my Sulumits Retsambew main SEO contest page back to it’s position (8th position) and my Sulumits Retsambew 2nd day blog article to 23rd position….THANK You GoOgle for your generousity! 🙂

Cheer’s for getting back my site rankings!

Afzal Khan

Author: Khan Afzal

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