Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

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Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

Shiree Odiz diamond engagement rings

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International “SEO IDOL” Contest announced by SEO Competition keyword is “Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings“. Contest is simple, reach any of the top 10 spots on (English) for exact term “makeityourring diamond engagement rings” with contest entry web page on the 1st January 2012 and Win Guaranteed Prize Money of $15,000 CASH! Plus some lucrative commission’s with their Affiliate Program.

I came to know about “International SEO Idol” Contest today on 01st February, 2011 almost after a month via newsletter sent by SHIREE ODIZ to me today!…I guess they want huge number of SEO’s to jump into this contents….Let’s give a try!

Shiree Odiz Internationl SEO Contest Invitation Newsletter for keyword Makeityourring Diamond Engagement RingsBelow:

On 1st January 2011 Shiree Odiz launched what is set to be the largest online SEO event ever. In order to promote a new concept in Diamond Jewelry, called “make it your ring”, we have launched an SEO contest unlike any other.

JOIN NOW (free and takes 1 min):

1. Over $15,000 CASH prizes and rising.

2. 20 Lucrative SEO Contracts

3. 8% Affiliate commissions (optional)

Contest Rules & Guidelines – Check them out by clicking “International SEO Idol“!!! is going to rock Google 1st position for “makeityourring diamond engagement rings


  • On 01st Feb, 2011 I created web-page to enter SEO contest for keyword “makeityourring diamond engagement rings”
  • On 02nd Feb, 2011 – I bookmarked my makeityourring diamond engagement rings contest entry page to social bookmarking and networking site’s, Yahoo Buzz,,,,,,, Twitter, Facebook and few more. Along with social bookmarking I also created a free blog at with keyword Makeityourringdiamondengagement-rings to support my Main SEO Contest Page.
  • On 03rd Feb, 2011 – Morning my contest entry page got indexed at Google but not ranking anywere, again on checking my entry after 14 hour’s I was able to get place in SERP’s and my entry page was at 186th position.
  • On 04th Feb, 2011 – My makeityourring diamond engagement rings contest entry page moved to 72nd than 50th and now on checking at 8 pm Google is showing my site at 42nd position. However in top-100 I have got 5 entries from various social bookmarking site’s including my main contest entry page. Also included Affiliate link at top of page to meet all criteria’s of this International SEO Contest.

I’ll have share what all SEO strategies I’ll be following to secure best positions at Google for makeityourring diamond engagement rings contest…so keep visiting 🙂


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