Sulumits Retsambew Google Dance – Sulumits Retsambew 10th Day

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Sulumits Retsambew Google Dance – SEO Contest 10th Day

Wow…Google is on the roll and showing real snap of Sulumits Retsambew. On 10th Day of Sulumits Retsambew Google come up with shocking and surprised results. My Sulumits Contest page which was on 8th position (1st Page) till yesterday fell down to 26th position (3rd page).

Some new entries knocked to Google 1st page, I was sure ab’t seeing these site’s on Google 1st page…..the reason all these site’s are using Sulumits Retsambew within Domain and if you notice google top-10 results, 5 are with Sulumits Retsambew with different domain extension .Org, .Com, .Biz etc and Google top 3 ranking sites for “Sulumits Retsambew” are with sulumitsretsambew.

The site owner which has impressed me much is, he has reached to (7th position) page 1 in Google now leaving behind many of us. I liked his approach!

Today I got time to go thorough NetBuilders Forum and few previous blog post of Sulumits Retsambew Contestant, out of them Sunita ( mentioned somewhere I’ll be busy working on backlinks….Well seriously I m engaged with many other stuff & hardly getting time to work on my Sulumits Retsambew contest page. Apart from updating blog post and checking rank I haven’t done much work. Positively I’ll work on “Sulumits Retsambew” page soon.


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